The collection began as several small gifs for tags on my Home page. Since then several folks have asked for copies and, given the interest, I thought others might like to be able to get copies without going through, please consider this my small contribution to the online club. Also, be sure to thank all those who have contributed photos or finished icons to the collection since its beginning.

Please consider helping to keep the collection fresh by contributing a picture or two. Pictures should be in .BMP, .GIF or .JPG format. Icons will be produced in interlaced Gif-89 format. My disclaimer is that I'm not an artist and my tools are limited - so I can only promise to do my best. Also, I'll work in my spare time (whatever that is {;-). If anyone with more artistic abilities and better tools would like to contribute some finished icon-gifs, all I can say is - "Please Do!"

Anyway - enjoy - and let me know if you have any suggestions or comments -

    ooba ooba,
    Who better than we to be wired? {;-7)

What's New
  • Added Part 6 which contains the full collection of really really nice water colors contributed by Benedicte Dufour!
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The Collection

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The collection is now located on two sites!

Dynamically Customizable Icons!!
If you would like to use one of these icons but the current shadow color or window background color doesn't quite fit with your page's background color or graphic, checkout the new Dynamically Customizable Icons that allow you to specify the color for either or both the shadow or background colors used on the icon.

Dynamically Customized Random Icons are now also available!

NOTICE: this service does NOT use Javascript or Java or any other client-side processing - all processing takes place on the server - so there's no need to worry about your system being compromised.

If you would like to include a randomly selected icon from the collection on your page, just include the following image tag where you want the icon to be displayed...

<img src="" border="0">

More info on random icons is available on the Random Bonsai Icon Page

Dynamically Customized Random Icons are now also available!
...where either/both/neither of the shadow and little window background colors can be specified as Hexidecimal RGB values. For more info on selecting colors for your customized random icon, you might want to take a look at - and play around with - the Customizable Icons Page.

And thanks to Lance Olsen ( for the Random Icon suggestion!

Surfin'Before you surf off - please don't forget to drop by my new site - Bonsai On The Web - featuring searchable databases of Bonsai Nurseries, WWW Sites and Species.

Other Bonsai and Graphics Resources:

Official Bonsai WWW Page

Barry's Clip Art Server for all kinds of graphics for all sorts of stuff related to DTP - don't miss this one!
DiP - source of the backgrounds used on these pages - Also, be sure to visit their WebGraphics message board

TOBIC Front Page

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Customized Icons

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... where (title) is the title of the icon as shown in the collection.

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