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Welcome to the St. Martin's Class of '73's 30th Reunion website.

Some of us have probably lost touch in the last 30 years, but many of us remedied that at the 30th reunion held on the weekend of July 18-20, 2003 in New Orleans.

See the Events page for times & places of our reunion events, and the various Picture pages to see the evidence of how much fun we had.

For those of you who couldn't come, or for those of you who want to continue the party, I'll be leaving these pages online and available to serve as our ongoing reunion.

(cliche warning) -- WOW! Has it really been 30 years?? - well - a couple more for me I guess - doesn't seem possible.

I mean - I can STILL see Mr. Cromer sitting at his desk, laughing and twitching a finger at me as I played tetherball out behind the library one day when I was supposed to be IN the library 8-)

And, for the guys -- all of you that had a crush on Miss King and that "big hair" of hers - raise your hands --- coooooome on -- be honest :-)) Actually, I was sort of torn between Miss King and Kenny's sister, Ginger - HA HA HA

Anyway - I'll continue posting pictures from the 30th Reunion as I receive them. Please feel free to send along any thoughts, memories, pictures from your days of Saint-hood and I'll work them in on the pages somewhere.
Take a trip down Memory Lane - Visit the StM Webite
I have the guestbook online and working -- and there is a chat where we can jaw-wag a bit.

 Harold Graf Memorial &
Science Lab Renovation Project

In conjunction with our 30th reunion, the class of 1973 raised funds for a bench dedicated to the late Harold Graf in a ceremony held on the Van Slate Lawn on July 19. In addition, we are spearheading a project to raise $25,000 to renovate a science lab in Mr. Graf's honor. More about that HERE.

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