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1-15-98 - havBpNet:J(TM) Released
havBpNet:J - the Java version of out popular havBpNet++ Neural Net Library has been released. Online purchasing will be available by the end of January, 1998.

12-1-97 - havBpNet:J(TM) enters Final Beta Testing:

havBpNet:J - the Java version of out popular havBpNet++ Neural Net Library has entered the final Beta Testing stage. Final release is expected in January, 1998.

8-15-97 - Digital River to distribute hav.Software products:

Use your favorite major credit card to safely and securely purchase and download your order Right Now!!. Products available for online purchase are...
  • Individual Licenses of the havBpNet++TM class library,
  • hardcopy User/Developer Manuals and
  • fully functional copies of the havBpETTTM demo simulator

7-15-97 - Fully Functional havBpETT(TM) to be available for separate purchase:

By popular demand, hav.Software will soon soon make available fully functional copies of the popular havBpETT Neural Net Simulator demo for separate purchase. This will be the same version of havBpETT that has been (and will remain) part of the havBpNet++ standard distribution. The Free version of havBpETT (with network SAVE disabled) will remain available for download.

5-15-97 - hav.Software Selected to "Beef Up" the SPE-GCS Site:

hav.Software has been selected by the Gulf Coast Section of the Society Of Petroleum Engineers to beef up the SPEGCS web site. Improvements will include the addition of several online databases with both public and private search, view, update and posting capabilities, online registration for events etc. Work is scheduled to begin in early June, 1997.

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