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havChat Java Chat Server and Java Chat Applets
havChat™ 3.4 Released

havChat™ 3.4 - the Java Chat Server and Java Chat Applets Pack is now available for Online Purchase.

These are just a few example applications of NeoWebScript. Unless otherwise noted, you are welcome to copy and customize any of these for personal or educational purposes. If you want to use any of these in a commercial setting, please check with me first. In all cases, please send me your comments or suggestions at hav@hav.com

Hey! - although it's not needed for any of these demos, you might want to go grab a copy of the Tcl/Tk plugin from Sun - most major platforms are supported - available for both MSIE 3.0x and Netscape 3.0 - and there's now an Alpha release of Version 2.0 - really cool!!

Full NeoWebScript documentation and other demos can be found on the main NeoWebScript homepage.

I have broken up this demos collection just a bit because the page was getting a little too large. I have made several smaller collections, each containing closely related demos. The available collections are...

Page & Visitor Statistics Stuff - A collection of demos related to things like counting pages served and tracking visitor paths...

First Aid !! If you have experienced problems with your NeoTrack datafile, such as bad records or duplicate records - you can grab a little nws snipit to cleanup and fix your neotrack file here.

Other Odds & Ends NeoWebScript Demos - A collection of other useful or "just for grins" demos.
  1. Dynamic Gif Generation - a little demo that illustrates dynamics generation of Gifs
    NEW 4-1-97 Added code to generate a client-side imagemap along with the gif.
  2. Credit Card Number Validation - a little demo that validates the form of an entered CC number and returns the TYPE of the card it should be on. (Safe Tcl proc source provided)
  3. Homegrown Image Maps - a little demo that suggests several ways to implement your own image mapping using NeoWebScript.- Now with a little Netscape 3.0 image manipulation JavaScript demo as well. (Updated 9-26-96)
  4. Notes & Event Calendar - a little demo that implements a calendar that may be used to add/edit/delete notices associated with selected days (new 8-11-96)
  5. Postgres95 PhoneBook - a little phonebook demo of NeoWebScript's Postgres95 capability - (new 6-1-96)
  6. NeoWebScript Interpreter - a NeoWebScript Interpreter for testing commands online - (new 5-25-96)
  7. NeoWebScript Cookies - an example of NeoWebScript's cookie handling - (new 6-8-96)
  8. Mail - Mail list handling
  9. GuestBook - a demo guestbook
  10. World Clocks - just for grins - a little demo that allows you to view the current time from several major cities/countries - (Updated 6-7-96)
  11. PhoneBook - a phonebook example

NOTE: As a public service I have a little treatise (excuse) to help the un-initiated understand just why it is so hard to test software {;-)

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