Australian Shepherd - Introducing Kick-Kick the Aussie - newest Vallas pack member
Kick-kick -- my new sidekick
fun vids of Kick-kick
The Newest Vallas Pack Member

NOTE: Most individual photos on this page are by
Mike Arnett and Shalako Australian Shepherds

Old Bear had been with my wife and me for 16 years but he had gone ahead to Rainbow Bridge about 4 years ago. It was time to get a new buddy with which to take walks, play catch and share other grand adventures ...

What's in a name?
When first working on a name for my soon to be pack mate, I was toying with "Kicker's Sidekick" or some variation. When I mentioned this to one of my little sisters, she immediately giggled and said, "OH YEAH Kicker - and we can call him 'Kick-Kick'."

Now, "Kick-Kick" was the name of my teddy bear when I was a child. He joined me when I was born (so I'm told) - and he's still around, usually spending Christmas under the tree - but it tickled, and sort of touched me, that my little sister would remember the name of MY teddy bear (which I'm sure she hadn't thought of for 30 years).

So, "Kick-Kick" was settled as the call name.

Being a dog-person, a dog seemed like the best bet - well duhhhh - ever tried to walk a cat? - but, to be perfectly honest, I wasn't really interested in replacing old Bear, exactly - I just wanted a pup of similar nature and character that could be a bud'. So what breed to get? I grew up with a German Shepherd - nice but I didn't want anything that large -- and I'm really NOT into tiny or yappy dogs - hmmmmm... Well I did some research, visited with some breeders - went to some shows - talked to a LOT of folks - and then settled on an Australian Shepherd - an Aussie -

   "... intelligent, medium-sized, high energy, family oriented and participative, protective, living to please his master, great in obedience, great in agility ..."

WOW - a dog-person's dog for sure!!

Kicker & Kick-Kick
"Father - Why are you sitting in a crooked chair?"
I also decided that I would start with a puppy - you know - bud's right from the start...

Kicker & Kick-Kick ... yeah yeah - I know - I know - those of you that have experienced the joy of raising a high energy, dominant male puppy are probably snickering right about now ...

WHEW!!... talk about "grand adventures"

hmmmm - well Ok - occasionally, I DO wear other shirts, BTW

1 week6 months
1 week
6 months
6 weeks -- <i>dig those CRAZY legs</i>9 months
6 weeks -- dig those CRAZY legs
9 months   [+ENLARGE]
8 weeks14 months
8 weeks
14 months   [+ENLARGE]
3 1/2 months27 months
3 1/2 months
27 months   [+ENLARGE]
You can find info and pictures of Kick-Kick's brothers on the Shalako Australian Shepherd Puppies pages.
Shalako's Sidekick for Kicker
call name "Kick-kick"
(Ch.Touchstone Ironhorse x Ch. Windogo's Mystique of Shalako, STDs)

Hobbies:Extreme Gardening, Counter Surfing and Squirrel Worrying among others

Development of the Shalako line
To learn about how a particular line develops, it is important to pay attention to the various stages. Not all bloodlines develop the same way or at the same rate. Shalako dogs tend to mature slowly, coming into their prime well into their third year.

Most Shalako pups tend to go into their ugly adolescent stage around four or five months of age. By seven to ten months, they should be coming out of that stage and physically maturing.

There seems to be a coat change from their first adolescent coat around 10-14 months and again at about 18 months, when they put on their adult coat and texture.

Angles, proportions and coats change - but, generally, the outline of the dog you see as a puppy is the dog you get as an adult. These growth photos of Kick-Kick suggest how this particular cross matures.

Turbo & Kick-kick -- Father & Son
HEY! I think that moved!!
SHEESH DAD!! Obedience isn't
s'posed to be "hair rasing!!"
Even BIG DOGS need a nap
now and then...and then...


I'll borrow a video camera one day and get some real videos of Kick-kick moving and playing and such - but, for now, these are just antics caught on the study webcam.

Kickers Classical Guitar Video JournalAnd, if you're really bored, Kick-kick also makes his presence known on several of the guitar practice videos
Short Movement Clip -- from 08-09-06
I never have the camera ready when I really want it - but here's a short clip of KK moving around the pool -- not great but gives some idea.  Time: 0:36
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  .mov   .ram
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One Fierce Aussie -- from 09-28-05
Be sure to watch this one with your puppy at your side   Time: 1:36
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  .mov   .ram
> Full Screen**
Another Practice Interruptus -- from 08-05-05
KK gets even more tricky at it.  Time: 2:12
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  .mov   .ram
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Kick-Kick - Water Bottle Keep Away -- from 01-17-05
Just a test to see if I can record a vid with the digital camera on a tripod and see both me and KK - if this works, I'll try a movement video -- note: bad lighting and the mic is WAY more sensitive that it has any right to be :-)  Time: 1:47
> Full Screen**
 .mov  .ram
Normal around the house catch and stuff -- from 12-27-04
I'll make .MOV and .RAM versions when I have some play time,
but, for now, only WMV of this one
  Time: 1:27
> Full Screen**
Poor Bored Puppy -- from 05-09-05
I was practicing stops and it was past KK's bedtime -- can you imagine a more woebegone puppy?? "...Always with the waiting behind dad's chair!!"  Time: 1:14
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Yeah Yeah - Everyone's a Critic -- ok - deservedly so -- from 09-24-04
WARNING:for some unknown reason, this one seems to drive dogs to distraction ... maybe the squeaks 8-))  Time: 1:33
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 .mov  .ram

Kick-kick in Obedience
  "heel" - "lag" - "sit" - "stand" - "down" - "sit down stand down sit" - "stack" - "stay" - "come" - "backup" - "off" - "beg" - "shake" - "dance" - "get the leash" - "give" - "take it" - "go there" ..... ARRRRGGGHHHH

DERN IT!!!! Make up your mind!!

... and I really HATE the implication of that "beg" stuff, thank you very much!!
Kick-kick enjoys training me under Georgia Thomas of Havenlea Dog Training
-- Now in Florida ... so, if you're in Ocala, Gainesville or the surrounding area, we recommend Georgia with two paws up!

9 months
HEY! I think that moved!!  [+ENLARGE]
The TP Incedent
The Terrible TP Incident

How will my puppy look when he matures?
A (paraphrased) note from Shelly at Shalako Australian Shepherds...

...As much as we try to see into the future at eight weeks (when a puppy normally goes home with his new owner), there is no magic crystal ball and only time will tell what the final outcome will be.

As an example, in comparing Kick-Kick's 8 Week and 9 Month photos, you will notice that many details are the same (head shape for example) but what is really interesting about Kick-Kick are his ears. One area faulted on this pup was his 'low', heavy ears.

You can see in his baby puppy photos that they are attached low on the side of his head., with the bottom of the ear well below the middle of the cheek. His darling expressive ears appeared much later and were a pleasant surprise as they are MUCH more correct than a heavy, flat ear. ...


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