Java Visitor Watcher Demo
Ver 1.1 - 12/28/97

This little demo simply displays a list of the last N-visitors (in this case 10) to the site. In the demo, the list updates once every 10 seconds or so. This demo requires a JDK 1.1 capable browser (just 'cause ;-).
NOTE: Depending on the time of day (or day of the week), you may need to watch the demo for a few minutes to see new visitors entering the site. You can use the button below to popup one of the other Java demos that will allow you to see how busy the site is now.

New visitors are scrolled on from the top of the report, pushing older visitors off the bottom. Existing visitor page counts update as well.

To see a visitor's path, you can click on the number of pages viewed by the visitor. The applet allows you to specify the number of visitors to be displayed and the refresh speed along with several parameters indicating the cgi to be used for data retrieval and path display, etc.

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  • dataSource - the source URL for retrieving current visitor information - this can be any cgi that maintains a list of curent visitors and their path info.
  • num - the number of visitors to be displayed. Optional - default = "10"
  • speed - the refresh rate in seconds (how often new visitor info is retrieved from the server. Optional - default = "10"
  • bgColor - color (as rrggbb) to be used for the applet background. Optional - default = "Color.white"
  • fgColor - color (as rrggbb) to be used for the non-link text and lines in the applet. Optional - default = ""
  • linkColor - color (as rrggbb) to be used for the visitor path links. Optional - default = ""
  • fontSize - size of the font used in the report. Optional - default = "11"
    NOTE: applet height and width should be calculated based on this parameter. For applet height, use
    [(fontSize * 2 +15) * num] - 2

  • pathURL - URL of the page used to display the path for a given visitor.
  • border - "t" means draw a border around the report area - anything else means no border is to be drawn. Optional - default = "t"


  • Ver 1.1 12/28/97 - Added bgColor, fgColor and linkColor parameters - hav

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