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"start-able / stop-able" Animation Demo

(for Netscape 4.03 or later)
This is just a little demo that illustrates the combined use of JAVA, JavaScript , NeoWebScript and GD to produce a "start-able / stop-able" animated display of the current load on the webserver.
Such an effect could, of course, be accomplished with Java only - but the point here is to show the integration of the various tools...not the capabilities of Java {;-)
Animate the Gauge
Here's how it works...

  • When you place your cursor in the vicinity of the gauge above, a javascript sees a MouseOver event which calls a public method of an invisible applet on this page.

  • The applet, in turn, opens and reads a URL which is an nph file containing only a NeoWebScript that returns (to the applet) the current Estimated Hits per Hour for the webserver.

  • The applet then returns the value to the javascript which passes it to a NeoWebScript/GD script that produces a new image of the gauge.

  • Finally, the javascript replaces the old gauge with the new gauge image and restarts the timer.

  • When you move your cursor OFF the image, the javascript timer is simply stopped.
sources for:
the Applet
the HTML & JavaScript
the nph/NeoWebScript
Note: Though this demo uses a nph/NeoWebScript to retrieve the values to be displayed, you could as easily use any cgi that returns an integer value as a string.

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