Horace's Java WebSearch Playtime

This is just a little playtime Java thingy. You can use it to get a list of all linked addresses in a page that resides on the www.hav.com domain. In order to try this little demo...

  1. enter a page address to search in the URL field in the applet below. For example, to search my personal playtime home page, you could enter "http://www.hav.com/home.html" (don't include the quote marks). NOTICE: Be sure to specify the address in terms of the www.hav.com domain - because it runs as an applet that is loaded from hav.com, it will get a security violation and skip any addresses not in the originating domain.

  2. Enter any keywords that you want searched - separate buy commas (ex. "neural net, horace" - no quotes. The Keyords field is optional and may be left blank.

  3. Click the Process the URL button.

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