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Just some boilerplate demos using JavaTM for various applets, applications and servlets.

A Word on Proxies & Firewalls: Because several of these demos use various cgi's on my server in order to obtain new data on a continuous basis - certain demos may not (read "probably won't") work if you're behind a firewall.

In some cases, alternate versions are presented which MAY work.
hav.Software Java DemosJARS top 25%havChatTM ver 3.4 - a nice little java chat server application with several java chat applet clients which include some really neat New Features like support for any Character Encoding your browser/jvm supports (with optional Right-to-Left display for languages like Hebrew or Arabic), Instant Messages, Role based Multi Colored Text applets, your own user roles, your own user authorization handler, your own chat-bot and your own Server Status Handler classes. Applets support Unicode and are localized for Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

You can  TRY  the latest 3.Xx demo chat applets online - or you can Download a copy and play with it on your server!! (fresh download as of Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 03:02 CST - Both Full Featured and "Lite" applets are included. Lite applets have all the features of the standard applets except for Whiteboard support and some Admin and Moderator functions. (60,216 downloads - also available from Download.com and similar sites)

hav.Software Java DemosInline Tcl for JSP - A simple little demo using a combination of NeoWebScript, JSP, a simple tag set and a little Java Bean (implementing Jacl/Blend) to allow use of inline Tcl in JSP pages. (JavaTM)

hav.Software Java DemosUPS Price Quote: - A little demo which includes a JSP in a NeoWebscript page and uses a little bean to query the UPS Online quote facility for shipping quotes. Get live realtime quotes for one "product" (UPS shipping type) or all products and see results in both raw and tabular form etc. ALlows selection of most parameters like weight, source and destination zip, COD, Rate Chart, Packing Container Type, Delivery Type etc.

hav.Software Java DemosJARS top 25%havIndexTM - WIP! - A little JavaTM page indexer. Indexes all words on selected URLs. Unlike WebSnarfer - it doesn't crawl from page to page - rather, havIndex will produce an index of all words on whatever pages you choose to index. The resulting index file should be easily imported into any on- or off-line database. Also, there are options to save all links and email addresses found in indexed pages. havIndex runs as a local JavaTM Application and requires a 1.1 VM (like the newest JDK). NEW User-defined Save API - As of ver 1.1b4, you can now define, implement and attach your own save processing. The README file has a little more detail.

You can download a 30-day trial of the latest Beta version (Sun, Jun 13, 09:22 CDT) in Zip format. The search fields around the site are an experiment after indexing a couple of the site's pages.

hav.Software Java DemosGauge: Start/Stop Animation - This is a demo that illustrates the integration of JavaTM, JavaScript, GD Graphics and NeoWebScript. Particularly, it illustrates how JavaScript can call a public method in an applet in the page.

hav.Software Java Demos JARS top 5% Running Strip-chart Applet - a little demo that combines JAVATM and NeoWebScript to provide a running chart of a selected system or site statistic. This applet is simply a display mechanism and, while the applet can be used to display any (numeric) data, the demo provides three examples: Server Hits per Hour, Current Visitor Count and Summed Named Counters. The applet demo uses a NeoWebScript for data retrieval but the applet can be used with any cgi or other data source.

hav.Software Java Demos JARS top 25% A Running Gauge Applet - a little demo that combines JAVATM and NeoWebScript to provide a gauge that will show a continuously updated system or site statistic or some other changing value. This applet is simply a display mechanism and, while the applet can be used to display any (numeric) data, the demo provides two examples: Server Hits per Hour and Current Visitor Count. The applet demo uses a NeoWebScript for data retrieval but the applet can be used with any cgi or other data source.

hav.Software Java DemosVisitor Watcher - This little demo simply displays a list of the last N-visitors (in this case 10) to the site. The list updates once every 10 seconds or so. New visitors are scrolled on from the top of the report, pushing older visitors off the bottom. Existing visitor page counts update as well. To see a visitor's path, you can click on the number of pages that the visitor has opened. The applet allows you to specify the number of visitors to be displayed and the refresh speed along with several parameters indicating the cgi to be used for data retrieval and path display, etc. This demo requires a JDK 1.1 capable browser (just 'cause ;-).

hav.Software Java DemosViewing Timer - This is just a little demo that illustrates how one might use a small "invisible" applet along with a cgi to keep a record of how long each visitor has a particular page open in a browser window. This approach overcomes problems like (not) being able to calculate the time spent on the last page of a visitor's path and (not) being able to recognize that a visitor has used the BACK button or history list to go to some other page.

hav.Software Java DemosSlider Game - Just another slider game applet - I just needed a little break a whle back and threw this together as a diversion - it's ok I guess - let's you define the granularity and use any picture etc. - no big shakes - try demos which are Easier || Harder || EEEEVEN Harder.

hav.Software Java DemosDaily Visitor & PageAccess Report (by hour) - If you have a JavaTM enabled browser, you might take a look at this little demo. It's simply a graphical report of the visitor and page access activity of these pages. Activity is broken down by hour of the day. Historical days will be displayed faster because their data has been archived. The display of today's activity may take a few moments because the data must be retrieved from the activity log before it can be displayed.

View Historical Info

- OR - View Today's Activity

Note: Today's display will take a few moments as
data is retrieved from the activity log.

hav.Software Java Demos Web Search - a little demo that illustrates reading a file from the server. This little demo will read any file fromt he server and parse it looking for i) a specified list of key words and ii) any URL Links found.

hav.Software Java Demos Email with Attachments - a little demo that illustrates sending an email with an attachment.

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