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One Sunday morning several of the kids told John that they wanted to put on a folk mass. John's response: "What's a folk mass?" (...more)

Yeah yeah yeah - what can I say - I found myself in one of those reflective nostalgic moods the other day. You know, sometimes it takes a few decades' perspective to fully appreciate things that we experience - especially if those things happen while we're in the throws of becoming young men and young women - a time some of us spent doing little more than demonstrating our genius for accomplishing things which would serve only to embarrass us later in life :-). For me, and perhaps a few others, In His Name was such an experience - something, amidst all the foolishness, I can look back on with fondness and pride - but it's funny --- I remember so much - and so little ...

So! -- I've started a small "IHN Remembered" site.

REUNION 2003!!

We had a TERRIFIC reunion on July 20, 2003 at St. Martin's Church in Metairie!! Checkout some pictures HERE - and read Mama's Column in the Times-Picayune. And, in case the TP article goes away at some point, I have reproduced it HERE...

Oh well - For now, the main home will be just this. The GUESTBOOK and CHAT are working - and I've added a quick&dirty little CALENDAR so maybe we can schedule some group chats (any thoughts?). It looks like all the IHN and InHisName domain names are taken (dern it!), so I've rooted the site here at

Some THEN Pictures!!
HEY!! - Erik sent in some Great old pictures - I think they're mostly from 1970 - and I think most are from one particular trip - does anyone by chance remember which?

...Ok - Ok - so how about some really really off beat stuff - pardon - like a little peek into that most BIZARRE practice of ...

Self Inflicted Left-hand Fingertip torture

... I mean - there WERE a couple of folks in the group that were so inclined - even way back then when the world was so much more innocent (errrhemmm) -- and a few of you STILL do this -- yup -- I know -- for sure -- I saw you at the reunion!!! So I started again too -- OH NO!! Kicker picked up the guitar again after 18 years of abstinence!! Well - comic relief can be a good thing. (sorry y'all - had to include it)

HEY!! - Does anyone still have any tapes of old IHN services or concerts? - Wouldn't it be a KICK to make some of these available on the site as Real Audio streaming files - HA HA HA :-))

ANYWAY!! Morgan sent me an old shot of the group!! I think it must be from a Sunrise Service we did - maybe even pre IHN proper? And below Morgan's is one that Mama Grout sent (gotta be a reunion shot! :-)

You can click either picture to see a larger view. --- How many folks below can YOU still name :-))

Then ...
Want to play a Slider Puzzle Game with this picture? [ Easier || Harder || EEEEVEN Harder ]

... and Later

Who ARE all these old foggies and children anyway? :-\ -- just kidding :-) --- well - not really :-)))
[ Easier || Harder || EEEEVEN Harder ]

WOW!! - this mid-life crisis stuff is a goober!!! huh? --- now when do I get my little red sports car?? -- just kidding Erik --- WAIT!!  :-\   Did I say that out loud??

Now all I have to do is think about how all this stuff should look and play around a bit --- all thoughts, comments and CONTRIBUTIONS will be greatly appreciated - REALLY!! - I'm stretched a little thin on time these days so ANY help will be GREAT!! --- (Dena wants me to make sure you understand that I mean site content, pictures, words and maybe a little elbow grease - not money - ROTFL!!!

For Example: I could use some ideas - or even a finished graphic or two for the top right corners of the the GUESTBOOK and CALENDAR pages --- those little Kicker and tree thingies I'm using there now just don't cut it. --- Linda?? :-))

I'd really like to add a "Then & Now" section where we can show old and new pictures of us (if you don't have electronic pics - send me hardcopies - I'll scan and return the hardcopies to you) - wha-da-ya think? UPDATE!! I've added some "Then&Now" pisc to the guestbook entries (for those of you who have sigened it, that is - ahemmmm --- I guess we can use the Guestbook to list our favorite memories and such --- also be sure to let us all know what's been happening for these last - what - 25 - 30 years - Whew!!

Anyway - drop me a note - or drop by and chat --- see ya!

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