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First Order of Business

I'm always interested in activities & opportunities dealing with application of Neural Nets, Expert Systems, or other alternative technologies. I'm also interested in Web development - Java, JavaScript, NeoWebScript, htmlscript etc. You can view some of my web oriented demos if you like. If you need some help in any of these areas - or know someone who does - let's talk. You are welcome to review an online version of my resume or request a full copy. Demos are also available.

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Contracts will be handled through hav.Software.

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... it's 03:49 AM on Wednesday, Jul 18, 2018 in New_Foundland!

Idealisms Link Idealisms

I must admit to being prone to occasional periods (some might say attacks) of idealistic reflection. I truly believe it is through this sort of examination that we make progress...no - Really! Anyway - you are invited to witness certain of my attacks.

...ORrrrrr - for some really really off beat stuff - pardon - how about a little peek into that most BIZARRE practice of ...

Self Inflicted Left-hand Fingertip torture

...OH NO!! Kicker picked up the guitar again after 18 years of abstinence!! Well - comic relief can be a good thing.

... and, just because I think Tom Lehrer is a pretty clever fellow, {;-)

excuse for this page's layout :-)
    "...I am never forget the day I am given first original paper to write.
    It was on Analytic and Algebraic Topology of Locally Euclidean Metrization of Infinitely Differentiable Riemannian Manifold.
    This I know from nothing! - But I think of great Lobachevsky and I get idea - ha haaaa!..."
Bonsai Links
Actually, the real kicker (sorry - couldn't resist) is that my family name means "religion" ... if you happen to understand Magyar ... or even if you don't {;-)
Hobbies & Interests
... Hey! - they're just like bellybuttons - most everyone seems
to have one ...
AI Links ... or - two ...

A fellow I once worked for was very fond of saying "...The answer is 42!..." - Ha! - like one and a half is a big deal, right? - Oh yes ... the mysteries of thirds (higher mathematics don't ya' know) - and just WHAT does it have to do with the price of apples in Spain anyway?

JavaScript Neural Net
go get Netscape

Coming Soon
Pipes - Coming Soon (maybe)
- er or Later

And, just the other day, someone sent me a note telling me "... my lifepath vibration is 1...my soul vibration is 3...my personality vibration is 4...my reality vibration is 8...and my integrated-self is 7 ...". Further, I'm told "...my key is 5...my cornerstone is 8...AND I have both 11 and 33 in my family name ..." - whatEVER all that means {:-\
Number Quest probably explains it.

But! it did prompt someone else to let me know I'm a Horse ... yeah yeah yeah ... I've eaten in a few Chinese restaurants myself - or are you just being clever? ... Hmmmm ... Let's seeee - "Horace" ... "Horse" ... "Horace" ... "Horse" ... {:-\ ... well - maybe there IS something to this one after all {;-)

HEY! - if you have a few minutes to spare, drop by Talon's site! - VERY clean!! Talon (aka Dale) is the webmaster for the Educational Services Division at Fort Bragg and, I think, a QUAKEr ... for others who might be so inclined.

In the "small world" department, I too know Bragg - C 1/508th ... Let's see ...

"Two things fall from the sky - bird poop and fools ... and if your 'chute don't open you're Both!"

"kloooo kloooooo" ... HEY LEANDER! ... JOHNSON! ... SAM! ... TT! ... CHIEF! ... RAMONDY! ... SHADOWSKI! ... YARD BIRD! ... PETSKY! ... RICKY RANGER! ... ZERHIEDIE!!

Yup! Just an old Jumpin' Junkie {;-) - Such fond memories of lying around Green Ramp at 3:00am ... in the rain ... in December ... waiting to see if we would actually load up - THIS TIME! (I mean I'm really really really glad these are memories) Talon tells me that the 508th was disbanded ... a while ago ... ... OK - an OLD Jumpin' Junkie but Hey!, it was only @ 46 years ago ... {:-\ ... DERN IT!!

Anyway, Talon has some great links and stuff so really take a look.

Well... the moment's come, as it comes to all, when I have to answer ... Oh! ...wait!! - that's a different song! ... sorry, Tom {;-) ... (Paxton - not Lehrer) ... and just how do you draw a pipe in a smiley's mouth anyway? ... maybe {;-7) ... nawww - that makes me look like I have a beard - or a pipe up my nose ...
Emler Fudd graphic based on McCarty
Background courtesy of DiP
Just for fun...

Late breaking news - it seems that the Keirsey Temperament Sorter says I'm ENTP (though I'd probably argue the point {;-) Doug Ingram's Index might offer some insite.

Me2 says I'm Dominant Inventive and Recessive Order - meaning I can think of neat things to do but can't get around to doing most of them ... but at least someone thinks I have some form of intelligence ... probably more or less on certain days if you can believe biorythms ... {;-) ... and if you like this kind of stuff, checkout The Hideout... - he's got a million of them...

Wow! It's as hard to close a web-page as it is to say goodby to an answering machine. Anyway, that's all for now. I hope some of the links were enjoyable / helpful / informative / etc. / etc. / etc. ...

The Obligatory GuestBook
...I know - but this one's reeeeally neat!! {;-)
- OR - Read what others have said

Thanks for visiting {;-)
and - ooba ooba,

Yes - I often sit around in front of a dark background
- in a coat and tie
- hold my face and laugh ...

... doesn't everybody?

Ok - sometimes I only chuckle...

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