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This is only a little experimental search of the hav.Sotware site. It's really in place to do testing during the development of the havIndex(TM) facility - but I guess I'll keep it around if it seems useful. There are some search hints at the bottom of the page.

For now, I'm doing simple AND or OR searches with partial string matches ... hints ...

  • Use "_" and "%" for single- and multi- character wildcards, respectively
  • Full word matches will run faster than partial
  • OR (Any) searches will run faster than AND (All) searches
  • AND searches will ignore stopwords (i.e. like "and", "say", "one", etc.)
  • Only @ 50 or so of the site's pages have been indexed - but I'll add more from time to time.

Please let me know if you experience any problems - and Thanks!!

havIndex(TM) is little Java page indexer. Indexes all words on selected URLs. Run as a local Java Application and requires a 1.1 VM (like the newest JDK). The README file has a little more detail.

You can download a 30-day trial of the latest Beta version (Sun, Jun 13, 09:22 CDT) in Zip format. The search fields around the site are an experiment after indexing a couple of the site's pages.

NEW Stripped Text Save option - As of ver 1.4, havIndex adds a save option that allows you to save an indexed document's raw text (with all html and any active stopewords removed) as a single block preserving the order and repitition of words in the original document.

NEW User-defined Save API - As of ver 1.1b4, you can now define, implement and attach your own save processing.

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Feel free to drop by and chat if you have any questions - one of us is usually around during normal CST/CDT business hours.


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