Dynamically Customized Icons

If you have wanted to include one or more of the Bonsai Icons on your pages but found that the Shadow color or the icon's Window Background color didn't quite fit with your page's background - help is here!! You can now include a Dynamically Customized Version of certain icons in the collection on your pages. A list of the available icons is at the bottom of this page along with links that allow you to test your color selections.

Now you can specify the colors to be used for the shadow and/or the icon's background window. Just look at the two examples below...


Custom Shadow


Custom Shadow & Background


... or, how about ...


Custom Shadow


Custom Shadow & Background


In both examples above, the first presentation (left) is the original icon with its original colors; however, the second and third presentations (center & right) are Dynamically Customized to change the color used for the shadow and the window background.

Using the customized icons is pretty simple - Really!

To include a customized version of one or more of the icons in your page, simply include a standard HTML image tag, of the format shown below, in which you specify your selections for shadow and bg colors...

The IMG Tag:

<img src="http://hav.com/bonicons/shadow1.gd?id=NAME&shadow=RRGGBB&bg=RRGGBB">

...or, for a customized RANDOM icon, try...

<img src="https://www.hav.com/bonrand/nph-pivcustom.htm?shadow=RRGGBB&bg=RRGGBB">


<img src="https://www.hav.com/bonicons/random_shadow.gd?shadow=RRGGBB&bg=RRGGBB">


  • NAME should be replaced by the name of the icon to be included (see the list at the bottom of this page for icon names)
  • RRGGBB values should be replaced with a Hexidecimal RGB specification of your selection of color. Of course, different values of RRGGBB can be used for the shadow and bg parameters. (NOTE: if you are unfamiliar with RGB color specifications, there is a little helper available on the test page)

You may specify the id, shadow and bg parameters in any order - but be sure to notice that there are NO SPACES between any of the arguments and argument values in the tag.

Furthermore, you can change EITHER or BOTH the shadow and/or bg colors. If you don't want to change one of the colors, simply don't include it's specification in the tag - for example, all of the following are acceptable as tags...

<img src="http://hav.com/bonicons/shadow1.gd?id=mmbox.gif&shadow=505000">
<img src="http://hav.com/bonicons/shadow1.gd?id=mmbox.gif&bg=309550">

Finally, the argument names (id, shadow and bg) are case sensitive, so don't use ID or SHADOW or BG in the tag.

NOTE: Height, Width, and Alt attributes may also be included in the image tag but are not shown here to keep the line length down.

That's all there is to it! You can use the icons AND customize them to work with your selected background color or graphic.


Any of the following icon names may be used as the value of the id parameter. As more of the icons are included, this list will be automatically updated. Also, those icons that can be customized are marked in the The Online Bonsai Icon Collection Pages.

You can click the id values below to view the original icons - the view page also contains a little helper form that will let you view the icon with your selected colors.

id value Original Shadow Original Background

Anyway - enjoy - and let me know if you have any problems, suggestions or comments - hav@hav.com
    ooba ooba,
    Who better than we to be wired? {;-7)
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