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Hands now removed,
a distant giant beckons.
Winter's watch begins.
"Bonsai" - hav '97
If you have a bonsai related site or article that you would like added to this index, just drop me a note and be sure to include the full URL of each page that you want indexed. My indexing engine does not "crawl" from page to page so that I can better ensure that indexed pages are actually bonsai related.

NOTE: Based upon several requests, you can include this search form on your bonsai pages. HERE is the html and instructions. If you're using MSIE, you may need to view the source of that page.

Bonsai Databases

In addition to the searchable Terms and Articles Index, BOTW includes several additional databases to assist you in quickly locating Bonsai Nurseries, Suppliers, Services, Products, Clubs or just other bonsai pages. Please feel free to add your site or business to the appropriate database below.

Bonsai Nurseries & Suppliers
A database of bonsai related businesses - p.s. I'm happy to include listings for Nurseries that are not online.

Bonsai Web Sites
A database of personal, club and other bonsai related sites.

Other useful databases include...

Agriculture Network Information Center: Agriculture-Related Information Systems, Databases, and Data sets

The Texas Plant Disease Handbook: from the Texas Extension Plant Pathologists - Be sure to look at the "OLD FORMAT" for tree info

Bonsai Calendar

The BOTW Calendar is provided as a free service to all bonsai organizations and individuals. Post your organization's notes, notices & events - or - look to see what might be happening in your area!

BOTW Mail List

You can Subscribe to the BOTW mail list to receive notice of site changes. Once subscribed, you can post messages to the list and bonsai related news groups.

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