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Please help this collection remain fresh by contributing a picture or two using the following form. Pictures should be in .BMP, .GIF or .JPG format and accessible via ftp or the web. Icons that did not originate from photographs are welcome - but please keep them to a reasonable (file) size.

It costs nothing to contribute. The only requirement is that you donate the final iconized gif to the collection and agree that anyone can download and use a copy at no cost. To keep anyone from charging for any icon in the collection, I have copyrighted the collection with permission given for free use by individuals and requiring reference for commercial use.

As space permits, I will include a brief description/summary, acknowlegement of the contributor, link to your Home page, etc. So, please include any such info that you would like listed. Links to commercial pages are ok.

Your name           
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May I display your name and email address?  [ Yes    || No ]
Home Page URL        - Optional
Picture location    
Suggested Title     
Brief Description   

Additional comments or questions below... 

If your viewer does not support forms, please send in the above information via email to hav@hav.com - Thanks.

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Feel free to drop by and chat if you have any questions - one of us is usually around during normal CST/CDT business hours.

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