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I have enjoyed a diverse clientele over the last 15 years. My clients and customers are located around the world and run the gambit from students, professors and individuals - to small shops and businesses like Back Be Nimble, Innovative Nursing, Ideal Image, Magnolia Clinic, ZeelandNet BV, Fibonacci Ltd, Public Interactive, BoerseGo GmbH, Vidyah, Iron Solutions, In Town Consulting, Talentrock, Premierelink Communications, Inc., Market Perspectives Inc. and StockGroup - to medium sized concerns like Case Western Reserve, Sybex Publishing, the Southeast Medical Center and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (GCS) - all the way to giants like Microsoft, Shell, Chevron (La Habra) and Baker Hughes (Atlas). I have felt genuinely privileged to have a loyal and repeating family of customers and have enjoyed every opportunity to contribute to their efforts.

At hav.Software, we are guided by two principles...
  1. Your Success is Our Success and
  2. We are committed to being successful !!
I certainly thank my past and present customers and clients for the chance to have so much fun. And I sure would like an opportunity to discuss how I might contribute to a timely and successful completion of your projects as well!

Besides my various products, I can offer a full range of services related to software development, integration and support - as well as general networking and internet hosting and development.

My experience ranges from neural nets and their application to web site and Internet applications development - from applied research to online catalogs and e-commerce. And we are always willing to provide customized versions of our products to meet your specific needs - or to assist in - or perform - full integration of my products with your existing applications and services.

I can help with all your software development needs - Full Life cycle - Redesign - Integration - Project Management
  • Languages: Java, C++, C, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, Lisp, Xlisp, Assembly - Tcl, JavaScript, Perl, JSP, NeoWebScript, XML etc.

  • Platforms: PC (DOS, Windows, Unix & Linux), SUN, IBM, HP, Perkin-Elmer and VAX

hav.Software does Internet -- Some client sites are listed below for your review.
  • "bits-and-pieces" to full outsource of your site development, management and maintenance - including design/redesign, development and deployment of Internet applications, web applications, cgi, servlets, applets
  • website hosting to server collocation and admin
  • e-commerce - online shopping and payment including such things as PayPal IPN, PayFlow, e-checks, various CC processors etc.)

Alternative Technologies:
Ready to take a look at how Neural Networks and/or Expert Systems (rule based systems) might improve or speed up some of your processing needs?

I would really like the opportunity to help you and your staff in the planning, development and application of such alternative approaches.

Other Services:
  • Networking: Small office and remote locations, VPN etc.
  • Technical Writing: Product spec's to final Technical and User Manuals
  • Quality Process / Assurance: Govt. Contracts/Requirements, ISO-9000-3 as well as General Process Improvement and the Crosby Quality System (QES & QWG)
In terms of the "Internet Revolution," I've really really enjoyed a few Internet development opportunities in the last several years! Most of the work has been directed toward implementation of the active parts (databases, calendars, carts and shopping facilities, site utilization and visitor tracking, etc.) for both public and private parts of various sites - but we have also performed full site developments and ongoing management. Several of these are listed below.

checkPace Area Tennis Association
Pace Area Tennis Association (PATA) in Pace, Fl area http://www.paceareatennis.org/ - The PATA site was a fun one! Typical association info, membership database and management but it also provides the facility which PATA members can use to purchase court lighting time and then manage the lights at the Santa Rosa Sports Plex online.

PTennisPensacola.com - the hub for all things tennis in the greater Pensacola, Fl area http://www.tennispensacola.com/ - TennisPensacola.com acts as the online hub for all things tennis in Pensacola, Fl. and the surrounding area (including Gulf Breez, Fl. and Pensacola Beach etc.) - includes info on clubs, pros, various team, league and other clinics and a terrific events calendar.

checkBack Be Nimble
adjustable bed, memory foam mattress, memory foam pillows, natural back pain relief, foam beds http://www.backbenimble.com/ - Back Be Nimble provides back pain relief products like memory foam mattresses, adjustable beds, memory foam beds and pillows, ergonomic seating from bodybilt chairs, and 1000 other therapeutic products.

checkTeen Paths
 TeenPaths - solutions for teens and families troubled by or needing assistance in violence, Addiction, Truancy, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Depression, Anger Management, Chemical Abuse, suicide, Rebellious Teens, delinquency, defiant teenagers, motivational seminars,drug and alcohol treatment facility, adolescent care, group therapy,individual therapy, adolescent treatment center, crisis intervention center, teenager, teen chat, school behavior, emotional growth, behavior modification, psychotherapy, at risk teens,depression, suicidal, youth substance abuse, teen drug abuse, teen alcohol abuse,  school problems, adolescent problems, wilderness program, adolescent drug program, youth programs, anti-social behavior, , referrals, schools,  programs, challenging teens, teens in crisis, adolescence in trouble, kids in crisis, challenging my teen, teen crisis, today's teens, dealing with your teen, understand your teen, wicca, witchcraft, cult, difficult, run-aways, juvenile justice, safe secure transport, escort, escorting, services http://www.teenpaths.org/ - TeenPaths - offers solutions for teens and families troubled by or needing assistance

checkSt Martin's Class of '73 Reunion Website
St Martin's Class of '73 Reunion Website/stm73/ - Just a little page set for Kicker's old high school class reunion. Probably only of interest to classmates and maybe other students at/from St Martin's Episcopal School in Metarie, La (New Orleans)-- but some fun stuff here and there around the pages.

checkIhn His Name Remembered
In His Name - Remembered Website/ihn/ - Just a little reunion page set for the old In His Name folk mass group from New Orleans in the late 60's early 70's.

Pecan Grove Plantation checkPecan Grove Plantation
Pecan Grove Plantation - Richmond, Texas http://www.pgp.org/ - added a little events and meeting calendar to which folks may add events of interest to the neighborhood's residents. John West over at PCiii developed, donated and maintains this site.
UPDATE! In August 1999, Horace took over full management of the Pecan Grove site. Still just a neighborhood site but watch for new features to come.

Some Older Clients include...
  • NeoSoft - hav.Software was very lucky to be allowed to contribute to the development of NeoWebScript - a really cool server-side scripting tool - sort of a Tcl based php, NeoWebScript allows inclusion of Safe Tcl scripting within otherwise standard html pages. Some of the features include secure sockets, file uploads from forms, mail and news posting, SQL database support and GD graphics. Check it out for sure! UPDATE! NeoWebScript is now officially part of Apache and is also available at SourceForge.
  • Kingwood College - taught a Java Programming course in the fall semester of '97. This 12 week, 48 hour, course was designed for folks with an existing background in Object Oriented design and programming.
  • Innovative Nurses & Sitters - second gen rework of site.
  • Imaging Temporaries - radiology and medical staffing - sister site of Innovativenursing.com
  • Video Veritas - original 1st gen site and temp hosting
  • Magnolia Clinic - small office network and vpn for several remote locations - also small info website
  • Ideal Image - reworked small-ish information site for consistent support of modern browsers
  • Sybex - Technical edit of The ABCs of JavaScript
  • Liquid Casing - site redesign and implementation
  • Trial Counsel - lawyer and services registry database & community site
  • Steel Supply inc. - product database and e-com site
  • Lone Star Ford - databases for new and used vehicles
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers - Gulf Coast Section - databases for membership, jobs offered & wanted, events calendar with registration and online payment.
  • Vietnamese Baptist Church - Events calendar
  • Houston Education Resource Network - HERN's 2nd generation site with various registration and services databases, forums etc.
  • LawyerLine - another lawyer registry and search database site.
  • Southwest Wholesale Records & Tapes - product database and search facilities.
  • Southeast Medical Alliance - online databases for health care services and professionals
  • Minor & Davis, PLLC - online "Business Legal Checkup" questionnaire and report generator
  • Hyperdynamics - original site implementation
  • The Agency - several sites for this ad agency's customers
  • Houston Creative - online job and resume posting/search site
  • OnePlace - new member registration for the original OnePlace site
  • Continental Personnel - online job listings and search
  • Nace International - some silly cgi counters and stuff

HEY! eXcite gave Horace a couple of 3-leaper reviews!

excite LEPexcite LEPexcite LEP checkHorace's Home Pages
"The eclectic Horace begins with some melded Magyar/Libertarian rants, then branches out to resources on bonsai trees (a motif throughout) and Neosoft software. A light touch and great graphics, beginning with the info highway branching out (literally) main graphic to the clever post-it notes make it worth a visit even if you're not interested in Neural Nets, Expert Systems, Java and HTMLScript." - Review
... "Libertarian" ? ... {:-\ ... I don't think so ...

excite LEPexcite LEPexcite LEP checkBonsai Styling and Advice Corner
"Bonsai gardeners should love this carefully nurtured site. Not only is Horace (no last name) a serious bonsai enthusiast, he's joined by others who contribute snippets of advice on various well-shaped trees." - Review

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