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This is a new and experimental little addition to the stats stuff. I'm not logging the browsers of all visitors right now (like those who enter on unexpected pages around the site) - but of the last ...
  • 9 visitor's tracked since Fri Mar 24 18:48:00 CDT 2017
  • 2 unique User Agent idents were used to view
  • 67 pages
... with the following distributions ...

BTW - if you have any ideas on better parsing of the various browser idents below, please drop me a line.

Class Visits Pages
AOL 0 0.00 % 0 0.00 %
MSIE 1 11.11 % 2 2.99 %
Mozilla 8 88.89 % 65 97.01 %
Other 0 0.00 % 0 0.00 %

FULL LIST (grouped by versions)
User AgentVisitsPage Views
MSIE 7.0 1 2
Mozilla/5.0 8 65

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